Moms Hospital Trip

I had only been back from Ireland for about 4 days when everything went crazy. My mom who hasn’t been looking after herself properly was not taking her medication for her epilepsy and I’m not talking about a few days, I’m talking about a WEEK. My mom ended up having 3 seizures and I checked on her each time and the last one I thought she would be okay.. I was wrong, she fell out of bed and hit her head so I called 999 and they were sending someone out and helped me to stay calm.. I really didn’t know what was going on with my mom but I was soon to fight out.

She kept refusing to put on her dressing gown because she was completely naked, she had peed all over the bed and the floor so this is how she slipped and banged her head. Because she kept refusing and even though she knew what she was doing I went and got her friend because that’s one person she listens to. Eventually she did put her dressing gown on and my moms friend asked me if she had been taking her medication and I said yeah because I thought she was but when I checked she had missed a whole week of medication and she thought it was hilarious and she was laughing about it.

When the paramedics came I apologised for the state of our house and explained to them what had happened and they tried to explain to her how dangerous it was to not take her life saving medication but she yet again blamed me for everything because that’s what always happens. My mom wasn’t showering and she hadn’t showered for almost a year and it was really disgusting to have a mom who doesn’t shower. They kept her in over night and she was discharged the next day. Me and her friend fell out with her because she just kept laughing about it, she kept saying that it was my fault because I stress her out but I had only been home for 4 days. In the end I was watching her take her medication and making her shower but she had to be shouted at to do any of this.

The doctor did a test on her for Dementia and they’re referring her to a memory clinic but I have stepped back down and I’m allowing my mom to care for herself because that’s what she wants and she has just gone to doing nothing and hardly showering but she is taking her medication. I just wish I could move out and pretend I don’t even have a mom because it doesn’t matter what I do I always get blamed for everything and I’m fed up with it.

Love from

-The Captain

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