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Welcome everyone to Eliza Does Podcasting!!

I recently did a podcast episode with a good friend of mine called Brian, his show is called The Real Brian Show and his podcast is now on Spotify and I highly recommend that you check it out! So last night we spoke about the new Star Trek: Picard first episode which we both thought was absolutely amazing, I haven’t seen all the TNG episodes but I did used to watch them when I was a lot younger so seeing Jean-Luc on tv again was brilliant. The new series was full of emotion and kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time, if you haven’t seen it then I highly suggest that you do. Grab your family and friends and watch it all together.

So, Tony who was also with us on The Real Brian Show said that watching Star Trek: Picard made him feel like coming home which to some is a pretty big deal. Tony also asked me about Brexit and of course Prince Harry & Megan. Brexit to me is nothing but a joke, Boris Johnson looks like the British version of Donald Trump and the UK is a laughingstock as the UK is merely being seen as a joke and nothing more. We voted to leave, and we should have left a long time ago but here we are still waiting.

Now with Prince Harry and Megan, Tony asked what I thought about it? Well I simply said that if they want a personal life then they should be able to have one, yes, they were royals, but they have every right to some privacy without the press let alone the public. I think it’s stupid for the public to be angry at them for wanting some privacy away from the press.

We also had many laughs discussing Jumanji: The Next Level which I won’t spoil but the horse made me laugh in the film and of course I totally bragged how Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock wished me a Happy Born Day and how laughter is good! Yes he did indeed tweet me a happy birthday which left me speechless!

We also spoke about me meeting Kate Mulgrew and whether I had changed my name legally for a second time and last time which I haven’t done yet, I spoke about how Kate Mulgrew’s character taught me that it’s okay to not be okay, that it’s okay to cry but pick yourself up as well. I’m looking forward to hearing myself on Friday’s podcast which will be available at 10am, I’ll also be doing another podcast with Brian as I will be speaking about my past abuse and how I have coped with the abuse and my suicidal attempts. I will admit I am rather nervous about it but also excited as a lot of Americans will be listening and some of them will even be able to find me! I’m also hoping that speaking on the podcast for a second time will be able to help others who have been or still are in the same situation that I was put in when I was a neglected child.

Also, there’s not too much new about me other than I finally have a new job as a Housekeeper and I get to work with my best friend every day, she picks me up and drops me off. I really enjoy cleaning other people’s homes as some of them are gorgeous and make me jealous, so jealous that I want to move in! As for today I got to meet a chunky fatty Bengal cat, he was soft and didn’t want me to stop petting his belly and I would of totally have taken him with me if I could. Speaking of cats I have had to rehome my Gizmo as things were just getting too much for me to handle especially when she was peeing on the floor and going through the trash but I have kept up with her and have been told she has a new home and she is very happy which makes me happy. It broke my heart to give her up, she was always fighting with Pitch and it wasn’t fair on either cat.

Please make sure to check out The Real Brian Show by following Brian here:

Brian’s Twitters: @iamtherealbrian @realbrianshow

Brian’s website: http://realbrianshow.com/ 

Also remember The Real Brian Show is also on Spotify!

I hope everyone has a great day! ❤

Love from

The Little Eliza


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