Hide and Seek – Review

Hide and Seek was released on 28th January 2005 and was directed by John Polson.

After David’s wife died he moves upstate to New York with his young daughter Emily who invents a friend called Charlie. Soon enough explainable events start taking place within their house but Charlie isn’t  what you think he is…

David who is a psychologist tries his best to help his traumatised daughter who are being stalked by something unknown but it’s the stuff of nightmares!!! What happens next is for you to find out!!

This film had me on edge, I have never seen anything like it. It makes you want to know who ‘Charlie’ really is and why it’s doing this to David and his daughter Emily, they were a warming family but things all changed within a blink of an eye and it continues to feed you hunger to find out the truth.. The ending was something that shocked me as I was not expecting what I got. I would definitely  watch this film again and again. It’s a classic for a 2005 film.

This film stars; Dakota Fanning, Robert De Nero, Famke Janssen, Elizabeth Shue, Amy Irving, Dylan Baker, Robert John Burke, Melissa Leo, Molly Grant Kallins and David Chandler!

Once again though, amazing cast and amazing acting!! I rate this film a 10/10


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