The Do-Over

Hello to my wonderful readers!

I have been stupidly busy with my new job. I used to be a cleaner but thanks to furlough it made things a little harder and my depression was crap but thanks to my new job it’s kept me busy and very happy. I’m now a Care Assistant and I absolutely love my job. I’m actually typing this blog from my mother’s house as I have moved back in with my mom for the 3rd time.. It’s because my friends kid will soon be too old to share a room with his younger sister and it’s better for me as I’ll be saving for my own house or apartment with my boyfriend. Although I feel anxious being back at my moms but I know I’ll be far to busy to care.

Covid seems to be ruining everything right now and I wanted to make sure I moved before the second lockdown, the first one ruined my relationship and caused major depression to sink in but my new job and wonderful managers swooped in and saved me and funny enough I reconnected with my boyfriend again and sorted out our issues and we are much better. We will hopefully be celebrating 3 years together on December 17th that’s if Covid will allow it. I’ve met a few people who think Covid is fake and I believe it’s very real as there’s been a lot of deaths and some of them yes have not been due to Covid and I can see poverty will be on the rise as furlough will probably be stopped and with a second lockdown poverty will definitely happen and it’s sad to think that’ll happen due to the economy falling.. Boris makes us look stupid, eat out to help out but don’t go out then you can go out but now it’s a rule of six. I think we look like an absolute joke.. Bloody madness that’s what all this Covid is.. Madness! I feel for those who are losing their homes and their jobs.

I’m hoping that I can save enough money so me and my boyfriend can get our own place as I hate not seeing him all the time as right now it’s pretty much one day a week which sucks. My mom won’t let my boyfriend sleep over so I’ve been having to sleep over on the Friday night and spend all Saturday with him as I have work every Sunday. I love laying next to him, feeling his heart beat on my chest when he lays on me and cuddles me. No matter all the crap we have been through we always come back to each other and he is my world.. I really want to be engaged and have children but I’m getting an implant in October to stop me from having kids until we have our own house which I know you can’t plan around kids but the boyfriend isn’t ready and I’m not either even though I’m super broody because of my friends baby.. Sometimes I feel like it won’t happen for me, like it’s too good for me

If anyone needs to talk during this pandemic, feel free to email me. 🙂

Love from

The Little Eliza

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